Monday, July 9, 2007


1. The market of the exchequer obligations (fixed incomes). The exchequer obligations act
as the goods in this market let out by corresponding state institutes of the countries, the
state exchequers and the Ministries of Finance. As a rule, the profitability depends on a
term of repayment and a discount rate valid in the country.
2. The precious metals market (commodities). The goods in this market are precious and
rare metals (silver, gold, platinum, a palladium, etc.). As it is known from the past,
practically all currencies have passed a stage of maintenance with that or another
precious metal, from silver (silver dollar) and up to gold maintenance. Investment of
funds of precious metals in the market allows to get profit, concerned to quotations of the
prices on precious metals, because precious metals always can "be exchanged" for money.
Investor always can place available precious metals in the banks and receive credit using
"metal" deposits for realization of the other purposes. At a rise in prices of precious
metals placed on deposit. The investor’s property grows and the incomes received from
the credit only increase his capital.
3. The share markets (Stocks). Stocks of the companies are the goods in this market. The
formation of the share markets has started in the beginning of the last century – the
market of stocks of the companies. The investment of funds in this segment of the
financial market is attractive to the investor for two reasons. Firstly, investing funds in
the stocks of this or another company, the investor acquires the right for reception of
share of the company profit – dividends, so to speak that usually make up to 10 % of the
invested funds sum. Secondly, the cost of the gained stocks can increase (at successful
development of the company). Thus, profitability from investments into stocks has two
components - the dividend and a difference between price of the stock and current price
of the stock. Trade in stocks is carried out at regional stock exchanges, such as, the New
York stock exchange, the Tokyo stock exchange, the Frankfurt stock exchange, the
London stock exchange, etc.
4. The international currency market FOREX (currency). The goods in this market are
currencies of various countries. It is the youngest and most roughly developing of all
segments of the financial markets. Profitableness of investment in this market depends on
change of currencies quotations. Attractiveness of investment in this market is concerned
to quickness of transaction fulfillment and additional bank service (crediting of
transactions with a credit leverage 1:100) also can make tens or even hundreds annual
interest rates.

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