Monday, April 28, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Transfer disk to disk

You have a 40 GB disk, and you want to transfer its content to a newly purchased disk with a larger capacity?It is possible to transfer the contents of the first to the second disk with a disk image. The software Norton Ghost Chargeable, is the reference in the matter, but the following software, [...]

NO SIGNAL is displayed on the screen

When you turn on your PC and monitor (screen), it displays NO SIGNAL (or french No Signal) or the screen remains desperately black.AssumptionsThe cable that connects the monitor and the CPU may not be connected (or even unplugged), or damaged. Check connections.If the computer bippe once at boot time, there is a strong chance that [...]

Problem Nvidia graphics card

Si votre carte graphique de marque Nvidia vous pose des problèmes, il est conseillé de se rendre sur le site du constructeur et de télécharger la dernière version du pilote correspondant au modèle de votre carte vidéo : est possible de diagnostiquer plus finement les problèmes en suivant les étapes suivantes :Désactiver le redémarrage [...]

No image on the videoprojecteur

The video might be connected and turned on, the laptop refuses to send any image on video.Laptops usually have a function key to toggle the display to the video:To switch to the video, you usually need to press the Fn + F10 keys (or any other function key as portable).By pressing these keys, displaying the [...]

My new drive is not recognized by burning software

Each version of a burning software “contains” a database of burners on the market with their detailed specifications.If your drive is not recognized because it was not included in this list:Only one solution, to upgrade your burning softwareAny other movement is at best unnecessary and at worst can make your hardware unusable.Needless [...]

My computer heater too

A temperature too high can cause the computer to crash applications or system but can also deteriorate some of the computer components, such as the processorCauses of overheatingMy desktop heater tooMy laptop too heater
Causes of overheatingIf your computer heats too, the problem of temperature can be linked to several factors:1. The processor [...]